Marshall County Surveyor Craig Cultice presented information on the Drainage Maintenance Reports for both the Ben Overmyer Ditch and the Burel Ballinger Ditch during their meeting Monday.

Cultice said they did some work on the Benn Overmyer Ditch in June and noted it has been 20 to 30 years since any real maintenance work had been completed on the ditch.  They debrushed it and found additional work was needed. He said a pipe under the railroad bed with the ditch is probably over 100 years old and needs to be replaced.  Cultice said they are working with the Town of Culver and the Academy to find a solution. 

Cultice asked the County Drainage Board to consider an increase in the maintenance.  He said they looked at the watershed and added 50 to 60 more acres.  While the annual collection on this drain has been $412, it is currently in the red $7,400.  The current assessment is $1 an acre with a $5 minimum.  Cultice proposed moving the assessment from $1 an acre to $5 an acre with the minimum moving from $5 to $10.  The increase will bring the new maintenance assessment to $2,028 annually. 

The drainage board was receptive to the idea of increasing the maintenance assessment and will conduct a public hearing on the proposed increase at their December 20th.       

The County Surveyor also asked the County Drainage Board to consider an increase of 25% on the Burel Ballinger Ditch.  Cultice said the drain is in the red $7,788.55 and the current maintenance assessment is $2 per acre with a $5 minimum.  The last rate adjustment was in 1984. 

The proposed assessment is $2.50 per acre with a minimum of $6.25.  Cultice said a public hearing is not needed to increase this drain but the County Drainage Board would advertise the 25% increase in a legal notice.  The County Drainage Board agreed with the surveyor to increase the maintenance assessment.