Bremen’s Director of Operations, Trend Weldy announced on WTCA’s “What’s Your Opinion Show” Tuesday his intentions to run for County Commissioner.

Weldy will run for the District 1 County Commissioners seat in the Republican Primary against Stan Klotz in May of 2022. 

Trend Weldy has served as Town of Bremen’s Director of Operations for 9 years after being a Bremen Town Council Member.

As Director of Operations for the Town of Bremen, Weldy wears a number of different hats. He can be found mowing yards, fixing trash receptacles, working with new companies, collaborating with the town’s superintendents, reporting to the council, calculating tax abatements, reviewing building permits and a variety of other day-to-day town operations tasks.

Prior to this job, Weldy worked for 32 years as a sales representative for Jostens. Weldy, born and raised in Bremen, stayed close to the town with that job, being responsible for the north central Indiana sales territory.

The Marshall County Commissioners are comprised of three members, one from each of the three districts, north, middle and south although each commissioner seat is elected countywide, and they serve four-year terms. The Commissioners are the executive body of the county and are responsible for county buildings, lands and property; audits and authorizes claims against the county; receives bids and authorizes contracts; supervising many County departments; oversee construction and maintenance of roads and bridges as well as exercise many of the legislative powers and duties of the county.