The Marshall County Drainage Board heard the request of Jeffrey and Patty Schmaltz for a variance on the Millard Lemert Tile in Teegarden. 

County Surveyor Craig Cultice said the Schmaltz’s need to put in a new septic on lots 29 and 32 in Teegarden.  The plan is to put the septic system in on lot 32 and run the pipe from the house on lot 29 through the alley, across the county’s tile and put a septic tank and gravel system in on the east side of the county tile.  The survey said he will stay two feet above the county tile with the new pipe.  Schmaltz needs a variance to construct the tank 40 feet from the pipe. 

Mr. Schmaltz said the home burned in a fire September 27, 2020 and the septic on the property did not pass inspection for the new structure. 

The motion was made to grant the variance on the Millard Lemler Tile for the Schmaltz family and unanimously passed.