The Marshall County Solid Waste District is offering a new program called “Recycle Bootcamp” on Tuesday, October 26, from 4-6 p.m. 

A few years ago, most curbside programs switched to one bin (called “comingled” recycling) to make recycling easier. However, with so many types of materials in the waste stream, many people wonder what—if anything—gets recycled. How does all that stuff get sorted out?  

Find out at Recycle Bootcamp! Marshall County Solid Waste Educator River Watson will lead participants through a short, interactive (and free) class on recycling best practices for Marshall County. The class, which is open to all ages, will also include a tour of the Recycle Depot facility to show how recyclables are collected, baled, and shipped and how household hazardous waste is safely prepared for disposal.  

Please RSVP at 574-935-8618 or visit the Recycle Depot Facebook page. 

Can’t make the class on Tuesday? The District will also take Recycle Bootcamp on the road to visit civic groups, clubs, and classrooms. Just call the office at 574-935-8618 for more information.  

The Recycle Depot is Marshall County’s headquarters for recycling, household chemical and hazardous waste disposal, and environmental education. The Depot is located at 1900 Walter Glaub Drive, Plymouth, Indiana. For more information and hours, call (574) 935-8618 or visit the Depot’s website at