Tom Mathewson appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners Monday with a request to have Mill Pond Trail repaved. 

He presented a petition with 46 property owners and 9 non-property owners who would like the road improved. 

Mathewson said during the meeting, “I’m here today on behalf of our owners of properties along Mill Pond Trail.  This roadway was put in, from what I have been able to find out, in 1990.  At that time the property owners were given the option to pay $350 per property and it that would be done the county agreed to put in a road.”  Mathewson said since the road has been put in it had deteriorated dramatically.  He said it is one of the worst in Marshall County.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said the Highway Superintendent, Jason Peters had stated earlier in the meeting additional work he plans to finish yet this season.  On Mill Pond Trail and Cook Lake Trail, weather permitting, the County Highway Department plans to put millings down on the roadway and spray with AEPL to bond the material together.  Then next year he would come back and chip and seal the roadway. 

Mr. Mathewson was happy with the plan and hopes to see the work yet this fall.