Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi had good news for members of the Common Council during their meeting last week. 

Surrisi said, “Humana Resources Manager Jen Klingerman and I have been working with Ryan Colvin and Melinda Lemler with Gibson who are working on our Health Benefits Plan.”

Surrisi said they explored lots of options but they have good news to report, “We put that plan out to market and have been seriously considering the potential of going to a partial self-funded health program.  It’s still in consideration for the future if it would make sense in the long term of the city, but at this time it wasn’t the right move.”  The City Attorney said through the marketing efforts they received some good results and the best option was to stay with Manga Heath Care who the city currently has benefits with.  Surrisi said there will be no increase of the current premiums for the 2022 renewal and no changes to the benefit plan, everything will remain the same at no additional cost for next year. 

The HR Director is working with Gibson to create a new portal for employees to access their plans.