The Marshall County Drainage Board and Commissioner will meet Monday morning in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building. 

The County Drainage Board meeting begins at 8:30 and has a couple of items for consideration.  The Board will continue additional discussions on an agreement with Norfalk Properties LLC on the Rightly Ditch between 7691 and 7653 North Michigan Road. 

Jeffery and Patty Schmaltz are seeking a variance on the Millard Lemert Tile and County Surveyor Craig Cultice will update members on the on the Drainage Maintenance Reports for the Ben Overmyer Ditch and Burel Ballinger Ditch. 

The County Commissioners have a full agenda for the 9:30 meeting.  Commissioner Kevin Overmyer will introduce Bill Davies from the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation who has a presentation followed by County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters. 

Tom Mathewson will present a petition for the repaving of Mill Pond Trail and Janis Holiday from Older Adult Services will present her quarterly report. 

Representatives from the Bowen Center will be on hand to present the annual report of services and Kelsey Guadarrama from Purdue Extension will give her quarterly report. 

Jim Bendy from the Probation Department will discuss a IOCS Pre-Trial Grant Request for fiscal year 2022 and they will hear from the County Attorney, Auditor, Commissioner Items and public comment. 

The County meetings are open to the public and comments and questions are always welcome.