Jason Peters, Superintendent of the Marshall County Highway Department gave members of the County Council a general update on his departmental activity Monday.

Peters said the Vehicle Maintenance line-item in the budget is running short for the year-end. He told the council he will be putting in for a $100,000 additional appropriation out of Local Road & Streets (LRS) to finish out the year. He is also going to reappropriate $52,995.71 for fuel reimbursements and $43,756 in Buggy Revenues which will give the Highway Department $196,751.71 put back into the Vehicle Maintenance line-item.  

Peters said he will also be putting in a transfer request of $18,500 from Seasonal Mowing to PERF because of an underrun. The Highway Superintendent will be seeking additional appropriations of $30,000 for paint; $50,000 for stone and $500,000 for bituminous which he said was the match money for the additional paving projects. There will also be an additional $400,000 for bituminous to finish out the year, weather permitting.

Superintendent Peters gave council members a rundown of the materials used this year.   Total bituminous material cost made or will be made by the county cost $1,488,288.54 and purchased materials totaled $635,150.99. He said the department has completed 12 miles of triple-seal, 80 single-seal miles and between paving and wedging around 10 miles which puts this year’s total road mile improvements at about 102 miles completed. The total amount used for road repairs with his department was $2,123,439.53.    With the additional paving projects of 7.5 miles the county spent $1,176,442.64 and the Community Crossing projects of 11.2 miles in the county cost $1,451,443.84. 

Superintendent Peters said there was a subbase issue on 3A Road and an additional one inch of base material at an additional cost of $47,000. On South Michigan Road north of Argos there was a change order for approaches and pull offs that weren’t in the greatest of shape. Instead of just surfacing over them they were taken out and completely reinstalled at an estimated cost of $55,000.

Peters told the County Council total road work for the entire season will be 120.7 miles at a cost of $4,751,326.01.