The Marshall County Council took steps on Monday to approve 2022 budgets and tax rates for Marshall County Solid Waste, the East Shore Conservancy District, Bremen Public Library and the Marshall County Budgets.

County Auditor Julie Fox said the adopted budget next year for Marshall County Solid Waste is $396,582.  The adopted tax levy will bring in $374,069 and the adopted tax rate will be .0165. 

Fox next presented the ordinance to adopt the 2022 budget for the East Shore Conservancy District.  The ordinance adopts a General Fund budget of $310,360.  The adopted tax levy will bring in $180,000 and the adopted tax rate would be .1102.  With no additional discussion the County Council approved the ordinance and adopted tax rate.

Bremen Public Library adoption ordinance was next for consideration.  The Bremen Library requested a total adopted budget of $1,335,975 and an adopted tax levy of $765,916 and a tax rate of .1931.  Chris Scandling Director of the Bremen Library was on hand and told the County Council the renovation project is underway.  The bond was approved in June and the contractor began the first week in August.  Scandling said they are a little bit ahead of schedule in one part of the project and a week behind in another part but are still on track to finish in June 2022.  With no additional comments or discussion, the County Council approved the resolution setting their 2022 budget and tax rate.

The County Auditor also presented County Council members with the Wage Rate by Category for the 2022 Salary Ordinance.  Fox said, “These establish the salaries for each category.  As you will note, the numbers have been adjusted as previously requested by the council.”  It gives council members the number of employees in each category and the hours they work. 

Councilman Tim Harman asked for clarification that the Sheriff’s Position and Community Corrections Director positions have their salaries frozen for next year.  Auditor Fox said, “Yes at your request.”   Harman commented, “I don’t know how appropriate that is, during someone’s term.  We have rates based on the office.  We really don’t have a rate based on experience or competence, do we?  Is that appropriate? I have a little problem freezing the rates during someone’s term. I think the better time would be to do it when there is a departure.” 

The County Council approved the Wage Rate by Category as presented with Councilman Harman being the lone no vote based on freezing the two positions.

The County Council also approved the ordinance setting the 2022 budget for the county and tax rates.  The total adopted budget is $33,902,309.  The General Fund budget is $15,866,444 and the Special Funds are $18,035,865 and this does include the wages that were adjusted according to the requests of the council. 

The adopted tax levy is $11,583,297 and the adopted tax rate is .4951.  The current tax rate for this year is .4852.   The County Council unanimously adopted the 2022 budget ordinance and tax rate.