Operation Quiet Comfort is currently in the process of raising funds for this year’s Christmas Stocking shipment to the troops. 

A Christmas stocking will be sent to approximately 1,500 troops with all kinds of goodies in it, such as a pair of socks, a puzzle book, assorted seasonal goodies, hand and toe warmers along with a beef stick, granola bar, tissues, lip balm, hand sanitizer and hot chocolate. 

Operation quiet Comfort is not seeking donations of items to put in the stocking but rather donations of $10 for each stocking which includes the cost of stocking itself, the items and shipping.   

They are also looking for donations of Ziplock baggies in snack, sandwich, quart and gallon sizes and click pens. 

Financial donations can be made via PayPal at admin@operationquietcomfort.com or by mailing a check to Operation Quiet Comfort at 17671 13th Road in Plymouth. They ask that you note holiday on the check memo.  Funds area needed by the end of the month so packing and mailing can happen in November. 

If your group, business or family would like to volunteer to help with packing you can call Jan Houin at 574-936-1424 or email her at janh@operationuietcomfort.com