Argos Jr. & Sr. High School received an academic award and all the teachers were celebrated for their contribution towards the success.

The Indiana Department of Education and The College Board presented Argos Jr. & Sr. High School with an Advanced Placement Recognition award on September 23. The Argos Community School corporation in turn awarded the recognition to all the teachers during a reception on October 7 th.

“It would be shortsighted if we only recognized our Jr. & Sr. high school staff with this accomplishment” states Ned Speicher, Superintendent of Argos Community Schools. “Although we have an amazing staff of teachers at that level deserving of the recognition, our students arrive at the Jr. & Sr. high ready to succeed in AP courses. That comes from our lower-grade level teachers.”

This is the second recognition Argos Community Schools has received for their advanced placement program in recent years. In 2020, Argos was a Finalists for Affiliate of the Year in the University of Notre Dame’s Advanced Placement Teacher Investment Program.

“We have a culture of high expectations and hardworking students and staff” states Jonathan Arndt, math teacher at Argos Jr. & Sr. High School, and 2019 AP Teacher of the Year. “As teachers, we collaborate all the time to create the best strategy for our students.”

Approximately 50 teachers attended the reception at which time Speicher relayed to the teachers he, and the school board, were incredibly proud of all their dedication to the success of Argos students. “Regardless of the challenges last year brought, you did not shy away from excellences and this award acknowledges that.”

Argos Community Schools has always followed the tradition of providing quality instruction to all students so that they can achieve success in learning. As a one campus k-12 school corporation, the goal is to maintain excellence to ensure the success of every child. Learn more about this high achieving school at