Monday evening the Plymouth City Council considered an ordinance on second and third reading to vacate a portion of the alley between Poplar Street and Discovery Lane for the second phase of Menominee Heights Subdivision.

Councilmember Robert Listenberger asked if a new alley was being created after the vacation and City Attorney Sean Surrisi said the west end of the alley that enters off Nutmeg Road has a “swope” to it and the plan is to take the swope out that divides two lots and create a new stretch of alley that will connect to the existing alley.  Listenberger asked if the new portion of the alley would be paved, and the attorney said it would match the existing alley design which is gravel.

The alley vacation was required to allow for the second phase of the subdivision to be developed with 17 to 19 building lots.  The new homes will be similar in style to the existing homes in the development.  The development was approved in 2006 and the first phase was created.  Since that time the ground has sat vacant.  Construction Management Design is now ready to finish the second phase of the development with new homes that will be for sale. 

The plan is to have the construction completed by late 2022 or early in 2023.  The hope is that CMD will be able to start moving dirt yet this year.

The City Council unanimously approved the ordinance on 2nd and 3rd reading.