The Culver Town Council conducted a public hearing on the 2022 budget during their meeting Tuesday evening. 

Karen Heim Culver Clerk/Treasurer gave a snapshot of the budget.  She said the town will receive approximately $1,264,642 in property taxes, $447,505 from the Local Income Tax, $51,112 from other taxes and other fees are estimated at $72,000 and the fire contract with Union Township brings in $85,500 and the EMS contract with collections totals $296,000. 

Heim reviewed the requests in the General Fund and said the Clerks Budget is $473,625; Police Budget is $564,800; Fire at $268,770; EMS at $680,235 and Street Department at $350,225.  She said the budget is estimated to be over the estimated income by $146,897, saying, “You have to keep in mind that everything is estimated, and departments don’t spend all of their budgets.”

In the Culver Park Budget they $272,278 in income and expenditures of $380,000 which means they are over by about $107,722.  Heim said she will adjust this budget by $60,000 because she had put all the local match for the Park Improvement grant to be paid by the park and the Culver Redevelopment Commission will pay half or $60,000. 

In Motor Vehicle Highway the Town of Culver is putting money away.  Heim said this fund is used for paying roads, roads preservation and similar projects.  They anticipate bringing in $58,240 and have budgeted $53,240 on paving.  Local Roads and Streets is used for street maintenance.   They anticipate receiving $17,654 next year and spending $16,154. 

The Cum Cap Development Fund is expected to receive $84,069 from property taxes with a total income of $86,825.  Heim said, “This is another fund we have been putting away money and building up a balance.”  She said they will spend some of the money to alleviate the burden on the General Fund by purchasing air-packs for the Fire Department, radios, and gear for EMS.

Heim said the American Rescue Plan money received to date is $164,926 and budgeted it for next year incase they town is in a position to spend it.  She said they will receive that same amount in 2022 and must spend all of it by 2026. 

There were no questions on the proposed budget.

The Culver Town Council passed the first reading of the 2022 budget.  They will consider second reading at their next meeting.