Members of the Marshall County Council continued their 2022 Budget Hearings Tuesday afternoon after spending nearly 7 hours on September 13th working on reductions. 

County Auditor Julie Fox recapped their previous meeting saying, “The council reduced the General Fund by $398,131 and reduced the Special Fund Budgets by $16,400.  The changes equate to a reduction in the budget for the General Fund of $15,970,833 with the Special Fund Budgets total at $18,085,846.  The current estimated revenues for the General Fund at $15,892,143.”

The auditor informed County Council members that the Courthouse Project line in the budget has paid $695,718 from that budget and can be reduced from next year’s budget.  That cut reduced the General Fund budget to $15,275,115 for the proposed 2022 budget.  Council members decided to keep $600,000 in their budget and move it to “Other Projects” and only cut $95,718. 

The County Council reduced the Vehicle Lease line item in the Health Department by $964.00 to adjust for the grant award amount.  The Council also adjusted the Community Corrections Grant funding that was not awarded in the amount of $39,500.

It was recommended by Councilman Heath Thornton, a member of the personnel committee, to offer a stipend of $1,200 to the President of the County Council and President of the County Commissioners for the additional work they are required to do along with a $25.00 for all Per Diems across the board.

The County Council did motion to approve the request of Sheriff Hassel to reduce one patrol officer and increase one detective along with the request of Community Corrections to add a full-time Case Manager/Field Officer.

By the end of the meeting the General Fund budget for 2022 was $15,875,115 and the estimated revenue was $15,892,143.  The Special Fund Budgets total $18,045,382 for next year and the total of all budgets for the county sits at $33,920,487.

There are still changes to be determined.  Council members discussed changing the raises from $1,600 for full time to $.70 an hour because 126 county employees work 35 hours a week, 39 employees work 37 hours every week and 55 employees work 40 hours a week.  It was noted that there are a couple positions that are currently paid over the current wage range and their salaries will be frozen.  There are also a few who are under the wage level and they will see a slightly larger increase but the salary ordinance was not voted on during the meeting.  There are also anticipated larger increases for some elected officials.  Those will not be detailed until the 2022 salary ordinance is passed.