The Plymouth City Council conducted a public hearing on the pre-adoption of the 2022 budget during their meeting Monday, September 27th

Clerk Treasurer Jeanine Xaver said the legal notice of next year’s budget has been posted on the state’s Gateway and also on the bulletin boards at the front and back doors of city hall. She said the current year’s tax levy is $7,369,982 and the 2022 tax levy is estimated to be $7,700,037. 

Changes made from the discussions at the last city meeting included reductions in the General Fund of $5,000 for Promotion of the City; $30,000 for Utilities for the Old Fire House and $18,000 for a Heart Monitor for the Fire Department because it was purchased this year. 

In the Airport Budget they increased fuel from $1,000 to $2,000 and in the Aviation Rotary Fund fuel was increased $50,000 from $70,000 to $120,000. 

The clerk also budgeted $825,000 for the Hoham Street Improvement Grant, $500,000 for the East LaPorte Street Footbridge Grant and $122,720 for the River Park Square bond. 

Total changes were an additional $1,323,000 making next year’s budget $20,490,497. 

Xaver said, “Last year we advertised a $2,49 tax rate and the final tax rate was $1,77.  This year we are advertising a $2.29 tax rate.  I am looking forward to residents having a lower city tax for 2022.  Keep in mind that a city taxpayers property taxes are made up of rates from Marshall County, the City of Plymouth, the library, the Solid Waste District, their township, and the Plymouth Community School Corporation.  So even if the city tax rate drops, we don’t have control over the total tax rate.”  

There were no other public comments.  The Plymouth Common Council will adopt the 2022 budget at their meeting on October 11th