Monday morning members of the Garden Court Board of Directors and members of Marshall County Community Corrections gathered at Serenity Place, 1804 West Jefferson Street in Plymouth for a check presentation.   

A few months ago Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter and local architect Brent Martin appeared before Marshall County Community Corrections board with a request for funds to assist with furnishing the 18 apartments in the permanent supportive housing project.  They were seeking funds from the Community Transition Fund in the amount of $60,000 which would furnish about half of the apartments in the building.

A permanent supportive housing facility is for homeless families or individuals, or those threatened with homelessness.  Not only are there apartments but common areas including laundry, on site manager, conference room and therapy and counseling rooms for residents so they don’t have to be transported elsewhere. 

The project, funded with $1.7 million from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, $500,000 from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indiana along with $300,000 from the City of Plymouth and various other donors is scheduled to be completed in November.

While Marshall County Community Corrections won’t have any reserved apartments in the facility some of their clients could qualify and benefit from the supportive housing project. 

The Bradley Company will oversee operations and handle the application process.  The application process is based on need and situations so someone on the list may be bumped if there is someone else determined to have a greater need. 

In July members for the Community Corrections Board of Directors voted to support the request.  The only no vote was Judge Dean Colvin.   

Lt-Rt: John Myers, Garden Court Board, Sean Surrisi, Ward Byers, Community Corrections Board Members:  Mayor Mark Senter, Lindie Leary, Prosecutor Nelson Chipman, Rod Ludwig, Bradley Group, Brent Martin, Jim Causey, Garden Court Board President.