County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters updated the County Commissioners this week on the 2021 Road Program. 

He said they have completed 12 miles of triple-seal, 70 miles of single-seal and have started their paving projects two weeks ago.  Peters said they completed a section on First Road from the LaPaz Town limits to the west around the curves; Miami Road from Plymouth Goshen Trial to US6; Kenilworth Road from State Road 6 to 3rd Road and started last week on 2B Road from State Road 331 to the County Line and hope to continue on that project this week weather permitting. 

Peters said if and when they get rained out on paying crews will be working on Tamahawk Trail berming the road and once completed will use asphalt millings to cover the bad spots.  He anticipates using the asphalt millings from Pretty Lake to improve Tamahawk Trail and will continue that project next year to seal the road off. 

The Highway Superintendent said he submitted an additional request to the County Council for $980,000.  This is the additional paving projects that are adjacent to the Community Crossing projects.  He said this is another portion of the 2021 Road Program.  Some of the funds will be used to make “cold patch” for the end of the year.  Peters also had an additional for paint, stone and bituminous. 

The Community Crossing projects were to start on Sycamore Road on Monday from US 6 to 4B Road.  Weather cancelled that start but they were going to try and begin on Tuesday. 

Commissioner Mike Burroughs said the folks in Tyner say they haven’t had any road work.  He asked Peters to list out the work his department had done in Tyner and Teagarden. 

Peters said, in 2020 they laid millings on all the streets in Tyner and sprayed them.  He said reviewing this summer they still look like they did once the project was completed last year.  He said they will continue to monitor the roads in Tyner and when they begin to show any type of fatigue the plan is to go back and chip and seal them.  He said 4B east out of Tyner to Olive Trail was completed and 4B from Plymouth LaPorte up to Tamarack was completed.  Peters continued saying, “They are planning to begin a mill and fill on Sycamore Road from US6 to 4B Road this week.”  He said he’s thinking of continuing on past the fire station and north of the railroad tracks next year.

In Teagarden the county just finished Queen Road from 1st Road up to the County Line and did all the side streets in Teagarden had the same process as Tyner with millings being spread and sprayed.  Peters said 1st Road has now been done from LaPaz up to Queen Road.