Craig Cultice, Marshall County Surveyor updated members of the County Drainage Board on a new subdivision project during their meeting on Monday.

Cultice asked members if they were aware of the new subdivision in Argos called Deerfield Meadows.  He said they are proposing 32 lots south and west of Sequel Wire facility with access off Kenilworth Road.

The surveyor said the subdivision would like to outlet their detention basin into the Myers Arm Tile, a county regulated drain.  He said history shows downstream has had issues with flooding in the past but when Sequel placed two detention ponds on their property that has helped the area downstream tremendously. 

Cultice said he has been working with Jamie Lindstrom, the Argos Wastewater Superintendent and the subdivision engineers who are designing the drainage plan.  They have designed the discharge to the tile to be reduce to 1.3 cubic feet per second from the county’s standard of 5 cubic feet of discharge into the county’s drain. Cultice said, “Overall this will be an improvement.  What’s being designed should be fine.” 

The County Drainage Board did not have to take any action on the plan as the County Surveyor has reviewed it and found it to be acceptable.    He just wanted them to be aware of the project.