The Bourbon Town Council conducted a public hearing on the 2022 proposed budget. 

Clerk Treasurer Kim Berger said there weren’t many changes to next year’s budget due to the property tax caps and the max levy.  She said with all the funds the proposed 2022 budget total was $1,664,130.

During the public hearing there were no comments. 

The Estimated civil max levy is $922,153 and the Property Tax Cap credit estimate is $199,300. 

The proposed budget does include $80,000 in Rainy Day; $1,071,980 in the General Fund; $40,000 for Local Roads and Streets; $281.500 for Motor Vehicle Highway; $30,000 in the Cumulative Capital Improvement for the cigarette tax; $70,000 in the Cum Cap Development Fund; $20,650 Home Rule Fund for EMS; $50,000 for Home Rule for Fire; and $20,000 Home Rule Fund for Park Donations.   

Clerk/Treasurer Kim Berger said the Bourbon Town Board will adopt the budget at their Tuesday, September 28th meeting at 6 p.m.