At the request of Tippecanoe Township Trustee Matt Pitney, the Marshall County Commissioners agreed to fund a sidewalk along State Road 331 from the Fire Station to Baugher Drive. 

Monday morning Trustee Matt Pitney appeared before the commissioners with the request and said, “I was approached by a member of the Tippecanoe Improvement Association in reference to the fact that there is no sidewalk between the fire station and Baugher Drive.  I told him we didn’t have any money in Tippecanoe to do such a project.”   Pitney said he was supportive of the project 100% because it is along US 331. 

He said he sees people quite often walking on the berm to get to the park.  Pitney said it is a dangerous situation having people walk along the berm of a state road.  He said the Tippecanoe Township Advisory Board is supportive of the project too.    

County Auditor Julie Fox said they may be able to pay for the project with funds from remaining in the 2019 pandemic money.  She said a request was submitted from the township for Hensley and Sons to cover the cost of the sidewalk.

Commissioners Overmyer said the cost was about $11,251 and that the request was made by the Tippecanoe Township Trustee. 

The motion was approved by the Marshall County Commissioners for up to $11,500 to cover sidewalks from Baugher Drive to the Tippecanoe Township Fire Department.