Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters asked the County Commissioners to consider approval of a new 5-year agreement with S & M Contractors LLC from Goshen for mowing.   

The new 5-year contract to mow the county’s rights-of-way and intersections was presented earlier this month and the commissioners and County Attorney were asked to review it for consideration at the September 20th meeting.  S & M started handling the county’s mowing this year in May.  Their current contract calls for four complete mowings during the season for a total cost estimated to be $72,244.

The new contract does include a small increase of $2 per centerline of the 911 miles of roadways.  The current rate is $21 per center line. 

County Attorney Jim Clevenger said the agreement requires a 90 notice if one side decides to opt out of the agreement. 

The Commissioners unanimously supported the 5-year agreement that will begin in April or May of 2022 and continue for 5 years.