Tuesday evening, members of the Bourbon Town Council passed two ordinances on second and third readings. 

Ordinance 2021-5 creates a fee schedule for the Board of Zoning Appeals and Plan Commission. 

Fees approved for the Plan Commission includes $75 for both a zoning ordinance change and for a rezoning, a $100 fee for a minor subdivision: $150 for a major subdivision application along with a $2 fee per lot.  The Plan Commission also has a fee of $150 for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) and the $2 fee per lot in the PUD.

Fees instituted for the Bourbon Board of Zoning Appeals were $75 for a special use permit, a variance of use and a variance for development standards.

The new ordinance states that the proceeds from such fees shall be deposited into the General Fund line item named Other Services and Charges.

The second ordinance 2021-06 pertains to commercial tree services or public utilities within the Bourbon Town limits that trim or remove trees and how they dispose of the debris.  The ordinance requires tree businesses to notify the Bourbon Town Board 24 hours in advance of any operations involving the tree trimming or removal. It also requires clean up within 24 hours.  It shall be the duty of the commercial tree service and homeowner, jointly, to remove such waste. 

Debris left will be subject to a written warning, if another 24 hours goes by the Bourbon Police Department can issue an ordinance violation of up to $200 per day until the tree debris is fully removed.    

While the ordinances were approved Tuesday evening, since they have fees included, they are required to be advertised before then are in effect.