Mayor Mark Senter issued a Proclamation for Monday for Direct Support Professionals Week highlighting the work that Marshall Starke Development Center offers in the City of Plymouth.   

The proclamation said, “An ethical, well trained and dedicated Direct Support Professional workforce is often the bridge to inclusion for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  He continued, “Empathy and genuine understanding of persons with disabilities are fostered in communities with Direct Support Professionals; and it is fitting that we use this means to focus public attention upon the valuable contributions made by these dedicated specialists.

The City’s proclamation said, the Direct Support Professionals have been a cornerstone in our community to bring support and guidance to those who are disabled; and the entire staff of Marshall-Starke Development Center should be very proud of their work over the years and will undoubtedly carry on well into the future to guide those in need.

Mayor Senter said citizens of our community with disabilities are more able to live self-directed lives because of the encouragement of Direct Support Professionals over the years; and it is a pleasure extend this expression our esteem and best wishes to the members of this great organization.

Mayor Senter closes the proclamation saying, “NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mark Senter, Mayor of the City of Plymouth on behalf of the City Council and the citizens do hereby congratulate you and proudly proclaim the week of September 13, 2021 as DIRECT SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL’S WEEK in the City of Plymouth.  May this organization continue to grow and enrich the City of Plymouth and its citizens.”