Sergeant Matt Brown with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department investigated a personal injury crash on Monday, September 13th at 6:54 a.m. between a Toyota Camry and a Supra Moped.  The accident happened in the 100 block of Michigan Road near 1st Road in LaPaz.

The crash report indicates that Timothy Sousley, 48, of Plymouth was driving north on Michigan Road in a 2013 Camry.  He was in the driving lane and struck the rear of the moped which was also in the middle of the driving lane.  16-year-old Brandon Nettroure of LaPaz was driving the moped.

Sousley told Stg. Brown that he didn’t see any rear taillights on the moped and didn’t see it until he struck the moped.

Brandon Nettrouer was transported to Memorial Hospital in South Bend for pelvic injuries.