Last week, the Indiana 21st Century Energy Policy Development Task Force met at the Statehouse. If you’re interested in this policy area, Senator Stacey Donato encourages you to watch the meeting archived here

In recent months, the federal government has mandated that, by 2030, half of the vehicles manufactured in the United States must be electric. In anticipation of such a change, the task force has discussed the state of electric vehicle manufacturing and charging programs.

Senator Donato said, “Our meeting provided a better understanding of what goes into making an electric vehicle operate, the advantages and disadvantages of owning an electric vehicle, the environmental impact, and the infrastructure needed to support the energy demand.”

She continued, “I share the concerns of my peers in the Indiana Senate and House of Representatives that this energy change will require significant investment. I remain engaged on this topic and will continue to meet with stakeholders and constituents to gain a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of this issue.” 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this topic, please email Senator Donato at or call 317-232-9400. 

There are three more task force meetings, click here to see meeting agendas, times and locations.