On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed with Attorney General Todd Rokita that there was no legal basis to the Biden administration’s challenge to delay the reimplementation of the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico policy. Attorney General Rokita led an amicus brief in the Supreme Court this week, joined by 15 other attorneys general, to support Texas and Missouri’s challenge. Attorney General Rokita’s office also filed an amicus brief last week in the Fifth Circuit, challenging the Biden administration’s lax immigration policies.

Attorney General Rokita issued the following statement:

“Enforcing our immigration laws to secure our Southern border is the only correct response during a time when hundreds of thousands of Central American migrants, who are not being tested for COVID, are attempting to cross through Mexico to illegally enter the United States. The costs of revoking this policy would have made it easier for human traffickers, drug cartels, smugglers and violent criminals to harm U.S. citizens. Fortunately, Indiana common sense prevailed at the high court this week.”