Federal grant writer Shannon McLeod from Priority Project Resources spoke to members of the Culver Town Council Tuesday evening.  She discussed the Regional Stellar projects in the Culver Town Park.

Mike Reese from the Troyer Group and McLeod have worked collectively on the various project elements. 

The first element is the creation of an outdoor event space that can be used by the Farmers’ Market and other venders.  Concrete block will help define the space. 

Element “B” is a plaza area around the main entrance to the Depot in the park.  Improvements include brick pavers and landscaping. 

Element “C” is improving the existing playground with upgrades to equipment and the addition of new playground equipment.

Element “D” is the installation of a rope swing in the playground area. 

The final element “E” is the creation of a natural play area using natural boulders for kids to play on, swinging benches, and the installation of a bocce ball court.

There will be public hearings on the proposed projects prior to applying for the OCRA grant funds which are earmarked for this project through the Marshall County’s Regional Stellar designation.  The public hearing will be September 14th and 28th.

McLeod says she plans to submit the application in October or early November.  They will advertise for bids in January 2022.  The award will be announced in the spring and construction will begin in the summer of 2022.  It was suggested they could delay the process so the park wouldn’t be torn up with the projects during the summer and move construction to early fall next year.  No determination was made.  Once the award is announced then they will decide on the timeline. 

Total estimated budget for the project is $600,000.  $480,000 will come from the grant and the town’s share will be $120,000.  This project will be impactful to the low to moderate income citizens in the town.  Tuesday evening the council approved moving forward with an income survey to show the need.  A group will canvas from door to door in the residential areas and must reach over 250 households that will tell if they make over a certain amount.  The information they provide will be anonymous and confidential.