Plymouth Lions Club President Ken Lukenbill inducted two new members at the last meeting of the Plymouth Lions Club. Welcomed by all present were Donna Wentzel and Barry Capper.
The Marshall County Blueberry Festival was the topic of the evening and will be here the first weekend in September. This is the Club’s biggest fundraiser which allows the Club to award many scholarships during the year and contribute to our five state projects as well as finding ways to help others have a better life. This year we will again be serving our delicious Blueberry Pancakes and Sausage Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. In addition we have added a fantastic quarter chicken dinner to the menu this year. We invite you to visit the Marshall County Blueberry Festival and come to our Lions Club Pavilion across from the tennis courts in Centennial Park. This is just another way to show that as Lions “We Serve.”
In the words of our new International President, Douglas X. Alexander, “it’s so easy to make a difference. That’s the secret that so many Lions already understand and what I wish more people knew. You don’t have to end all suffering, not on your own but you can ease one person’s struggle. You can pick up their bag and carry it for a while. And when you think of service in little moments like this, it becomes easier to see just how many ways there are to give back. And it gets even easier when each one of us invites a new member to join our club. This gives us more helping hands; and more service from the heart,”
If you or anyone you know would like to join the Plymouth Lions Club, please contact any Lions Club member.