The Plymouth Community School Board conducted a public budget workshop for the 2022 budget Tuesday evening, August 17th.   

With all members present, Kandi Tinkey Corporation Business Manager explained the various aspects of the budget and the long process it takes to prepare the budget.  Tinkey said she begins the process in February meeting with building principals, the tech department, maintenance and security to look at the necessary needs of the corporation as a whole.  From those meetings they begin to build the capital projects budget. 

There are several budgets including the Classified and Certified Budget which melt into the education fund and then the operations fund.  Tinkey showed the board in 2021 & 2022 the state decided to increase the per-student pay.  She suspects the Red Day in Indy last year made waves and the legislators heard them and approved that increase. 

Tinkey said the net assessed values, or property taxes support the schools operations and debt services funds.    

The 2022 Budget estimate is $37,315,208.00.  This total includes the Education Fund, Operations Fund, the Debt Service Fund and the Rainy-Day Fund.  This also includes salaries for just over 500 employees.

The estimated revenues for 2022 are $27,899,066.00.  While that looks like a disparity of $10,000,000.  Tinkey said, “We can not include in this revenue estimate the property tax revenue.” 

After review of the budgets the Plymouth Community School Board adopted a resolution to reduce the debt service appropriation by $80,612.  Kandi Tinkey explained that Wells Fargo made the final payment on behalf of the school corporation by applying the remaining operations and reserve account balance toward the final payment. This payment has fully redeemed the 1st Mortgage Refunding Bond, series 2021.

The School Board also granted permission to advertise the 2022 budget.  It was noted that the budgets no longer need to be advertised in the local newspaper.  This is the first year school budgets will all be online on the school’s website and in Gateway.