Saint Joseph Health System (SJHS) is urging all community members to take steps to limit the spread of COVID-19. Most importantly, get vaccinated. Additional steps include physical distancing and masking indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

“We are faced again with the challenges of COVID-19. Just about a month ago, we were practically celebrating because we had few cases and few hospitalizations and we thought we were in the clear,” said Dr. Genevieve Lankowicz, SJHS Chief Clinical Officer. “It’s true that businesses and places of work, even our schools, made decisions based on the situation we were in a month ago, which was great, but things have changed.”

The attached graphic shows a comparison of active cases in the community (blue line) versus the number of hospitalizations (orange line). On July 12, 2021 there were 39 active cases and 8 hospitalizations compared to August 16, 2021 that saw 207 active cases and 60 hospitalizations in the region.

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