Last week the Bourbon Town Council approved the request of Police Chief Bill Martin to purchase new duty weapons and back-up guns and allow officers to be able to buy-back their weapon at the trade-in price and use those funds to purchase the new weapons.

Chief Martin said the current weapons are approximately 10year old and he would like to replace them using the buy-back money with the additional funds needed coming from the Donation Fund and Continuing Education Fund.  The Chief wants to purchase Sig Sauer 45s duty weapons and 9 mil back up guns at a total cost of $2,802.84.

While there is a firearm fund, Bourbon Town Council President Ward Byers said as of July 1st handgun permits are free in Indiana so the police department will no longer see that revenue from the state.  He said those funds have been used to purchase weapons, ammunition, targets, and training.  Byers said, “It’s best to try and preserve that firearms fund the best that it humanly possible because we will see no more revenue.”

Council member Terry Clemens motioned to allow the Bourbon Police Chief to purchase the new firearms in the amount of $2,802.84 and to allow officers the opportunity to purchase their duty weapons and back-up guns at the trade in value.  The motion was seconded by Les McFarland and passed by a 3-0 vote.