The Town Council of Bourbon heard readings of two ordinances Tuesday evening.  The first is Removal of Tree Waste and requires commercial tree services or public utilities operating in the town to give notice to the Bourbon Town Hall at least 24 hours prior to work. 

The ordinance also requires the removal of all trees as well as tree limbs and debris from trimming or cutting down trees within the town limits within a 24-hour period.  The clean-up process will be the duty of the commercial tree service and homeowner jointly.   Those violating the 24-hour period will be issued a written warning from the Bourbon Police Department.  If the debris isn’t removed within another 24-hours the Bourbon Police Department will issue a written ordinance violation allowing a fine up to $200 per day until the tree waste and debris is fully removed. 

The ordinance was approved on first reading and will be considered for next reading at the September meeting of the town board. 

The second ordinance heard by the Bourbon Town Council on first reading was for Construction and Excavating projects in the town’s right-of-way.  The ordinance makes it unlawful for any person to obstruct the free passage along streets, sidewalks and the space between the curb and sidewalk.  The Bourbon Street Superintendent may grant a permit to exempt any person or organization from the ordinance.

Town Board President Ward Byers said the ordinance calls for rules and regulations and the possibility of a permit fee to be determined by the Street Superintendent.  Those would be ratified by the Bourbon Town Board.  

Byers said there was an issue with a fiber company that came to town and installed service to the doctor’s office and did some cosmetic damage to Center Street which the town had just improved last year.

Street Superintendent Roger Terry said there was a company in that same alley before that cut across the alleyway and patched it but that sunk in, and they never came back and fixed it again. 

Since there were no fees associated with this ordinance the Bourbon Town Council suspended the rules and passed it on all three readings.