Plymouth Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson updated members of the Board of Public Works and Safety on several projects during their meeting on Monday. 

At the Ledyard Water Treatment Plant there is a well they are planning on replacing as part of the capital improvement project.  Davidson said they are doing it in three phases, and it is currently in the second phase.  They are doing test wells at the current time and will start pumping it this week to check the quality and volume of water. 

One of the wells has extremely high levels of manganese, a mineral in the water that occurs naturally but the levels are high enough that it’s very difficult to treat it.  They hope to have the new well completed next month.

The digestor renovation project is a guaranteed savings project.  Davidson said this project is finally coming to an end in the next couple of weeks.  They did discover one gearbox that needed to be replaced.  They no longer make that gearbox, so a custom made one is being created and that has delayed the project. The Utility Superintendent said they are still realizing a savings from what the project was budgeted at.

The next update was the sewer lining projects.  The two on Kingston and Highland Court were being completed on Monday evening and then they will move to 900 block of West Monroe Street for two sections and then on to an alley sewar between Lake Avenue and Sycamore Street which is also on the list to be relined. 

The final project is the request of JPR Engineers for the proposed Marshall County Regional Sewer Project.  Davidson told the Board of Works he has questions and will be sending those on to Ken Jones for additional information. He told board members if they had questions related to the proposed project, he would forward them on to the engineers.  Davidson said, “A lot of this is hinging on the county moving forward as far as participation, whether we are or whether we aren’t or what kind of items we are looking for.”  He said he will be looking for additional input from the engineers.