Plymouth Police Chief Dave Bacon appeared before the Plymouth City Council on Monday evening to discuss an officer that was injured during the arrest of a combative suspect in March of this year. That officer has been on restrictive duty since that time.  He said the officer has used some of their sick time due to the workman’s comp injury.   

Chief Bacon told the council the officer is scheduled for surgery in September.  He asked the City Council to consider replacing all of the sick time the officer has used due to the workman’s comp injury after the first of next year. 

Chief Bacon said the officer has quite a bit of sick time accumulated but if they were to use it all he would want their pay to continue.   Bacon said, “I realize the city is evaluating their workers comp policy but, in the meantime, for this case, I’m asking for this consideration.” 

Councilman Robert Listenberger motioned to approve the request and Councilman Jeff Houin seconded the motion.  It was approved by a 4 to 0 vote of the members present.

Councilman Houin did comment that the chief was right, “We have been discussing revising the city’s policy and this falls-in-line with our discussions.”