Last week the Plymouth Park Board conducted a public hearing to hear from citizens on updating their 5-year plan.  Unfortunately the public did not attend the meeting that was publicized on WTCA AM 1050 & FM 106.1 and on the WTCA website and Facebook page and in the Pilot News.

While Park Board President Dave Morrow was disappointed with the turnout, the Park Department Officer Manger, Jenny Sickmiller told the board about 300 people have completed the online survey and a few people have stopped by the park office to pick up a paper copy of the survey.  Sickmiller said a majority of the responses on the survey have been positive.

One of the survey questions pertains to the community pool in Centennial Park.  It asks, “What would you like to see regarding possible pool renovations in Centennial Park?”  The four responses are: (A) A new pool similar to the current set up with a kiddie pool, large swimming pool, diving well with diving boards and a slide; (B) A splash pad instead of a public pool; (C) A pool/splash pad combination or (D) Demolition of the current pool and nothing added.

Robert Listenberger from the City Council asked what they survey was showing on the pool.  Sickmiller said that is one of the main questions for the Park Boards consideration and while she didn’t want to let out too much information because the survey is open to the public until September 14th, she said there have been lots of comments on that question. 

Park Board President Dave Morrow asked if the survey was showing that people wanted to build a new pool and Sickmiller said, “Yes, similar to what we have right now.”     She noted that the pool/splash pad combination is very popular too.    

Park Superintendent Mike Hite said the department employees have been “kicking around” ideas and looking at what is needed.  Improvements discussed were renovations at the Fryeman Shelter, Hoosier Old Wheels Shelter and Prices Memorial Pond restrooms.  Another suggestion was improving the Greenway Trial crossing on Jefferson Street, a possible additional pavilion in Packard Woods and at Prices Pond and new fencing at Packard Woods.  Plans for a trail from the Conservation Club House to Packard Woods is in works and Hite said they want to continue connecting all the parks together with trails.   

The Park Board will conduct another public meeting on the 5-year plan on Tuesday, September 7th at 5 p.m.   The public is encouraged to come with recommendations and ideas to update the park’s 5-year plan. 

Paper copies of the Park survey are available at WTCA.