Climate change has been in the news, though weather change has been happening since the start of time.  The Purdue University Climate Research Group has developed a series of publications on how weather has changed in recent decades.  It also predicts some projections for the future. Marshall County Extension Office is offering a series of classes on discussing information on weather change, how it impacts home owners and farmers, and steps we can take to help manage our water and be more productive gardeners and farmers.

The series of classes will be offered at the Plymouth Public Library, 201 N Center Street, Plymouth, IN.  It will be held on Tuesday, August 17, Thursday. August 19, Tuesday, August 24, and Thursday, August 26.  The class will be offered from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

The goal for each session is to share information on topics relating to weather, growing plants in healthier soils, and managing resources like water.  Each session will share a project we can do related to the topic discussed like the value of rain barrels.  Our sessions will be focused on concurrent weather shifts that have occurred, improving our ability to grow crops, manage gardens and our landscapes and managing natural resources. The last three decades have been warmer than previous decades, so will this generate some benefits and are there any concerns to address?

Participants will have an opportunity to give input and interact in these presentations. We will be positive and share how agriculture and homeowners growing plants are part of the solution to help with world concerns about greenhouse gases. 

By participating in this series of classes, you gain knowledge and learn steps to take to be part of the solution.  If you have any questions about this program or plan to attend, please contact  Marshall County Extension Office (574) 935-8545 or e-mail You can also find information on our Facebook page @marshallanr