Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters told the County Commissioners that S & M Contractors LLC from Goshen presented a new 5-year contract to mow the county’s rights-of-way and intersections.  S & M just started handling the county’s mowing this year in May.  Their current contract calls for four complete mowing’s for a total cost estimated to be $72,244.

The new roadside mowing contract was presented to the county attorney for review and will be considered by the commissioners in the next month or two.   The new contract does include a small increase of $2 per center line of the 911 miles of roadways.  The current rate is $21 per center line. 

Peters also told the commissioners final tracings for stage 3 for Bridge #73 on King Road will be submitted to INDOT.  Plans will be reviewed by INDOT and if any changes are needed those will be made and the final copy will be submitted for approval.