Thursday evening the Marshall County Park Board reviewed two proposals to relocate the historic trustee log cabin on State Road 17. 

Schweetsa Construction from Macy offered a proposal of $76,280 while Yoder’s Log & Timber Pro’s from Nappanee presented a proposal of $68,000.

Board Chairman, Greg Hildebrand said, “Those are a little easier to swallow than the previous (proposal).  More in line with what we were thinking.”  In June the board saw a proposal from Log Home Restoration Specialists from Lafayette who said it would be over $207,000 to relocate and rehabilitate the structure.

The low proposal from Yoder’s includes taking down the old log cabin and moving it to a new location.  They will put in a new cement foundation and 4-inch frost wall.  A wood subfloor will be covered with rough-cut boards for a finished floor.  Yoder’s will frame for rafters, doors and windows to fit the cabin style and chink so it looks original.  They will replace any logs that are bad, making them match with the original ones.  Also included is a metal roof.

A motion was made to accept the proposal from Yoder’s Log and Timber for $68,000 dependent upon receiving funding for moving the trustee long cabin.  The motion was unanimously approved.    

Since the County Council will begin the 2022 budget process on Monday, Park Board member Deb VanDeMark said they should get on the county’s agenda to discuss the proposal in hopes that the council will be supportive of the proposed budget they are requesting. 

VanDeMark also told County Park Board members that an application for a grant was submitted through the Marshall County Community Foundation.  The grant is for the historic Trustee Log Cabin project and in the amount of up to $100,000 but it’s unsure if they will be awarded and if so, how much it would be for.