Friday afternoon the Marshall County Health Department released information of a petroleum release in Marshall County.

The press release states that local health departments are required by statute to inform the public of the discovery of released regulated substances at an underground storage tank site or in the surrounding area or a spill or overflow under 329 IAC 9-4-1 and 2.  The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) was notified on July 23,20021, of such an incident from the owner or operator of the Culver Community Schools located at 200 West Academy Road in Culver. 

State regulations require the owner and operator, Culver Community Schools to immediate steps to contain and clean up the spill or overfill.  The owners are also required to investigate the extent of the release and take steps to prevent any future release.   They are also required to mitigate any fire, explosion or vapor hazards, and to the extent possibly mitigate adverse impacts on human health and the environment.