Due to a short-staffing recently due to sickness and injuries, Plymouth Fire Chief Steve Holm appeared before the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety Monday informing them that he has hired a part-time paramedic/firefighter to help fill the gap.

Devan Garcia is a firefighter/paramedic that lives in Plymouth and works for the Goshen Fire Department as a paramedic.

The Chief said they have been handling the short staff situation with minimum staffing but would like to hire Garcia on a part-time basis to

Chief Holm said Garcia has shown interest in the Plymouth Fire Department for a while, to either be a volunteer or work part-time.   It was hoped that Devan Garcia would be able to start work in the next week or so.  He will have to learn the ways of the Plymouth Fire Department and get used to the city’s ambulances.  Before he can operate on his own, he will have to go through a release criteria with Dr. Smith at the hospital.

The Fire Chief also asked for permission for 10 to 12 firefighters to attend the annual firefighters conference in Indianapolis the first week in August.  Typically, the department will send the 10-12 firefighters over the three-day period to attend the exhibits and attend some short classes to learn about new things in the fire service as well as other operations.  The one-day cost is $50 to $55 per person per day to attend and the firefighters pay their own way in and be reimbursed.  Estimate cost is $600 to $720. 

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved the request.