Bourbon Playground_old 4-14-21Tuesday evening the Bourbon Town Council approved the purchase of a new playground play set and two expression swings.  Expressions Swings allow a parent to sit face to face with their child and swing together.

Bourbon Playground expression swing 4-14-21

A piece of playground equipment that has been in place in the town park for some 30 years and has been broken for the last two years will be replaced this summer. The replacement piece will be geared towards younger children. The cost approved by the town council was $25,462.48 and will be paid to GameTime.

Bourbon Playground_new 4-14-21

The Bourbon Town Council awarded the 2021 Community Crossing bid to Niblock Excavating in the amount of $140,599.38.

There was discussion to amend both the Golf Cart Ordinance and Junk Vehicle Ordinance both were referred to Town Attorney Hoover for review, no action was taken.

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