Naloxone-KitMarshall County Community Corrections in collaboration with the Marshall County Health Department recently applied for and received a grant under the First Responder Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act: Naloxene (Narcan) Distribution.

The non-financial grant will provide Intranasal Naloxene Rescue Kits to first responders throughout Marshall County.

The Indiana State Board of Health reported for 2020, 42 Naloxone uses in Marshall County up from 35 in 2019.

2020 Provisional numbers from the Indiana State Board Of Health indicate Marshall County saw six (6) deaths with those being ages 25-44.

Marshall County Community Corrections is proud to collaborate with our local Health Department to make the Naloxene Rescue Kits available to all First Responders in Marshall County.

By putting these kits in the hands of law enforcement, EMS and Fire Departments, lives have and will continue to be saved, said Byers.