stacey donatoIn response to the COVID-19 pandemic, health care providers have been temporarily permitted to expand their services by utilizing virtual consultations, known as telehealth, to provide Hoosiers with more accessibility to safe and convenient health care.

IN State Senator Stacey Donato said, “Our state has benefited greatly from that temporary expansion, and Senate Enrolled Act 3 would ensure Hoosiers maintain this access to improved health care post-pandemic.”

SEA 3 would put legal safeguards in place for Hoosiers receiving virtual care and require telehealth medical records to be created and maintained under the same standards of practice patients in an in-person setting receive.

SEA 3 would also expand the application of the telehealth statute currently in place to include more licensed practitioners and specify the various activities that would qualify as health care services under telehealth law. This bill specifies that abortion services cannot be provided through telehealth.

The Senator from Logansport said, “I am pleased to have voted in support of SEA 3, and I look forward to seeing this bill further improve Hoosiers’ access to affordable and high-quality health care.”

SEA 3 recently passed out of the General Assembly and will now go to the governor for consideration.