Marshall County Alcohol Beverage CommissionMembers of the Marshall County Alcohol Beverage Commission held their monthly meeting online due to COVID-19, Tuesday morning April 6th. Members include Michelle Traughber with the Indiana State Excise Police, and local members Maria Kellar, Jan Fisher and Bryan Howard.

On the agenda were the renewals of the beer, wine and liquor permits for Brothers Stop N Go, Keiko’s Party Pack and Mi Caminos Real from Plymouth along with Dollar General in Bourbon. All four renewals were unanimously approved by the board members.

Next on the agenda was a renewal permit for Bristos LLC located at 102 North Main Street in Bourbon.  In March 2020, Bristos received a violation where a minor had not been carded during an alcohol compliance check and was served alcohol. A representative of Bristros LLC was present during the meeting.

Traughber stated at the time of the violation there was confusion of the back section of the establishment where it was approved for the age of 21 only. Traughber went on to say that it was a bar room and there had been some changes so that minors were allowed in that area.

Since the violation, the owners have corrected the floor plan issue along with paying a $1,000 fine and have enforced the checking identification of all individuals prior to being served.

A motion was approved for the renewal for Bristos LLC by all board members.

The final agenda item wass a new application for The Trap Sports & Spirits LLC located at 10055 Pretty Lake Trail in Plymouth. The owners Ryan Adam and Tom Flynn of Pretty Lake Golf Club were present during the virtual meeting.

Adam stated that he purchased The Trap in January in hopes to turn it around.   He has accumulated 6 years of experience with serving alcohol from various restaurants although he has no direct experience as an owner of an alcohol permit.

ABC member Maria Kellar questioned Ryan Adams about any remodeling that had taken place at the Trap.  Traughber stated that they did do a small remodel where a railing that provided the separation of the family area from the bar area was removed. Traughber went on to say that a countertop with stools was put in its place.  By doing that change it took away the separation between the two areas. Although it opened more seating it did not give a well-defined separation of the two areas.

Adam stated that the separation of the two areas will be corrected within the next couple days and he would send photos to Traughber.

No further questions were asked, and a motion was made to approve the transfer. All members approved the new application for The Trap.

Minutes from the March hearing were also approved Tuesday morning.