two hour parkingPolice Chief Dave Bacon discussed a parking request from a downtown resident during the last Board of Public Works and Safety meeting.

Chief Bacon said, “She normally parks in the parking lot on the north side of the Old Fire House or in one of the four spaces behind Xaver Cleaners which are 2-hour spots.”  She received tickets on March 8th and 9th and has received tickets before that for parking in a two-hour space.

The Chief said the resident does have some health issues and that’s why she is requesting a space.

At that point, the Police Chief deferred to the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety for questions, comments or actions.

Councilman Jeff Houin asked, “Those spaces behind Xaver Cleaners, are those the two-hour parking in the lot by the old fire station or in the alley?”  The Chief said, “They are off the alley, but right behind the old fire house and you enter into they in the alley.”  He continued, “In her request she said parking in the library lot was too far for her to walk.  She lives in the 200 block of North Michigan Street.”

In 2018 or 19 she spoke with Parking Enforcement and they told the resident to communicate with her when she was having medical issues.

The chief explained that Parking Enforcement doesn’t know who she is ticketing until she returns to the station and runs the license plates.

With no further questions Mayor Mark asked for a motion.  There was no motion made and the Mayor suggested the resident and the Chief discuss the situation and get additional information on the request.