Mark Dvorak“This might be okay?’ Mark Dvorak mused to radio hour host, George Schricker, upon learning that his busiest performance schedule in memory had just been shut down by the COVID outbreak. “At first I just slept! I hadn’t realized how exhausted I was. But then it got harder, and I started to take things in hand and study, record, and write.”

Mark used the time wisely, as he put together a new album and a new book, entitled, 31 Winters. It chronicles his experience of teaching at the Old Town School of Music over the past 31 years. On the show, Mark recalls discovering his love of music and songwriting at the school when he was just 19 –uncovering the work of musicians like Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Sonny Houston, and Huddie Ledbetter (Lead Belly).

“I started learning about guys who lived it (their music) and it just changed me. I started taking classes at the Old Town School and I discovered a place where a person could come and adopt these roots—these men who lived the songs so deeply.”

Mark unveils his own deep love of songs and songwriting on the radio show, airing this Saturday, April 3rd, on WTCA (1050 AM/106.1FM)at 12 noon, and this Monday night ,April 5th at 9 p.m. on WVPE (88.1) Public Radio. The subject of his work varies, and during the show we hear songs about growing older, his love and history of his Martin guitar (My D-18), his aversion to the politics of hate (I Don’tWant To Be That Man), and The Blue Bells of Kentucky, a song inspired by a Wendell Berry poem.

Aside from Mark, the radio show features the passionate poetry of “Baby Beat” and North Carolina Poet, Thomas Rain Crowe, recited by show announcer, Jacob Moreno. The Perfect Work, reflects on the poet’s love affair with gardening and Idiot’s Wind laments human neglect of the natural world, repeating the mantra, “We can do better than this!”

The program is rounded out by a masterful homage to the late bluegrass guitarist, Tony Rice, rendered by, Wild Rose Moon Producer, Matthew Carter Scutchfield. Here, two notable folk tunes, Shady Grove and Darcy Farrow, are woven together in intricate fashion that proves a flat picker’s delight. The show’s wrap includes Mark, music producer, John Bahler, and host, George Schricker joining in on the Wild Rose Moon Radio Theme Song, The River Goes Round.

The show was recorded on mevo camera and is posted to Wild Rose Moon Media YouTube for those who would like to see Mark in action during the live performance. The Wild Rose Moon Radio Show is soon to move to 4 camera production in May and will be made available live on Face Book and YouTube at the time of the recording.

The next live performance is on April 10th at 11:00 a.m. and features 4 songs from Patti Shaffner from Miller, Indiana, 1 song from music director, John Bahler, and the nature poetry of Alaskan poet, Kaylene Johnson-Sullivan as performed by regulars Cindy Davis and Cindy Boener.