Culver Lake Fest 2021Members of the Culver Town Council received a Special Event Permit presented by the Lake Fest at their meeting last week.

Lake Fest 2021 is being planned although the dates have been changed.  The Lake Fest has been held the third weekend in July, but this year the committee has decided to change it to the Fourth of July weekend, July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.   Amber Cowell from the Park Department said everything is basically the same, with a list of events, layout and application.  She said they are still working on the Certificate of Liability with their insurance provider.

Councilman Bill Cleavenger asked if the event is subject to the Governor’s decision on COVID-19 if there were to be another outbreak? Rose Workman President of the Lake Fest Committee said, “We will abide by any restriction put in place by the governor or the County Health Department.  If we would have to prolong the date we would probably cancel again.”   She noted that the committee has been planning this year’s event since October.

Culver Police Chief Wayne Beam and Park Superintendent Amber Cowell had not signed off on the Special Event Certificate because they have two issues to address with the Town Council.  The Chief told the board, “Changing the dates has caused a precarious situation.   Security is being worked out with the Lake Fest Committee, but we have the Lions Club Depot and the Beach Lodge rented out during that weekend.  Combining the two extra events happening in the same location will cause an issue with parking.”

Amber Cowell said a discussion with the committee came up with a solution by having participants who are attending the Anniversary Party on Sunday at the Beach Lodge could park at the water tower and the Lake Fest Committee will provide golf cart transportation to the Lodge.

The annual rental at the Depot will need to allow vehicles to drive-up and drop off grills and family members on Saturday and Sunday.

Cowell said, “Combining two beasts in one weekend, 4th of July and Lake Fest is just something to consider.  Parking and traffic is usually very difficult to control.  Managing the beach is insanity.  In 2019 we had 800 paid admissions at the beach on the 4th of July.

The Culver Town Council unanimously approved the Special Event Permit for Lake Fest.