Culver Beach LodgeA public hearing was held Tuesday evening by the Culver Town Council to amend a portion of the park rental fees due to the major improvements to the Beach Lodge.

Park Superintendent Amber Cowell reminded council members of the updates the project included.  She said there is new flooring and walls, an enclosed structure on top of the balcony, a completely renovated kitchen and ADA compliant restrooms.  There is now a speaker system and updated IT system and Wi-Fi.

Cowell said, “With this investment in the Beach Lodge it was decided it was necessary to go ahead and increase our facility rental rates, just for the Beach Lodge.”  She said fees for the second floor of the lodge during the off-season will be $171.20 from September 1st until the Thursday before Memorial Day in May.  This is an increase of $64.20.  During beach-season from Memorial Day to Labor Day the rent for the second floor will be $214 up from $155.15.

Since OCRA provided the funds to update the entire Beach Lodge, they requested we implement a fee for those who are low to moderate income.  Cowell said, “Those who can provide proof of income eligibility can rent the second floor in the Beach Lodge in the non-beach season for $128.40 and in-season $160.50.”

There were no comments during the public hearing and the Culver Town Board approved on first reading the ordinance amendment for park fees.  Since they don’t have the details on proof of eligibility for low to moderate income rental rates the Town Council will consider the amendment on second and third reading during their next meeting on April 4th.