Town of Bourbon NewsThe Bourbon Town Council held their first meeting of 2021 on Tuesday, January 12th.

As a part of the reorganization, Ward Byers was unanimously voted to continue as President and Les McFarland will serve as Vice-President.

Additionally, the council voted to retain Alex Hoover as the town’s attorney; Roger Terry, Street Superintendent; Steve Stacy, Water/Wastewater Superintendent; and Bill Martin as the Bourbon Police Chief while Mike Chapman remains as Bourbon Fire Chief.

Nine sealed bids for the sale of a 2012 Ford truck previously used by the Police department were opened by Byers. The bids ranged from $1,000 to the high bid of $5,123.00. The Council awarded the bid to Chase Schmucker as the high bidder. If the deal cannot be completed, the Council voted to award the bid to the runner up, Joe Mersch, in the amount of $3,380.00.

Approval was given to the Bourbon Police Department for the purchase of a 2021 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor in the amount of $34,728.00.

Byers, on behalf of the council and community, thanked the Police Department Reserve officers for performing 240 hours of patrols in 2020. According to Byers, the volunteers saved the town some $32,932 for their work.

The Council entered into a contract with Chuck Dewitt as Zoning/Code Enforcement Commissioner. The contract is for 2021 in the amount of $12,000.

They additionally considered a termination of a contract with Marshall County Building permits. After a short discussion, the matter was tabled until the February Council meeting in order to obtain further information. Termination of the contract would require a 90-day notice.