RecycleDepotGreg Compton, a member of the Plymouth City Council will serve as President of the Marshall County Solid Waste District Management Board of Directors and Mayor Mark Senter will serve as the Vice-President.

During their meeting on Monday the board reorganized at their first meeting of the new year.

Compton then asked for approval of the November and December minutes and claims since there was not a quorum at the December meeting.

During the Director’s Report Marianne Peters said their Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) cost was up $5,000 and she suspects that since they are not allowing drop-in clients into the Recycle Depot.   To shop in the Swap Shop an appointment is needed.  She said people just are not shopping in person as much, so we had to ship more HHW out of the Depot.

In August, the Recycle Depot Swap Shop reopened to county residents, but because of the continuing spread of COVID-19, those wanting to visit were asked to make an appointment. Drop-in access has been limited until mask and social distance restrictions are lifted.

The Depot Swap Shop stocks household solutions such as paints, cleaners, gardening supplies, and automotive supplies that have been dropped off by patrons and are still usable. These are free to Marshall County residents to take and use up, which cuts costs on disposal and prevents these materials from going to the landfill.

Residents are encouraged to call the Depot office at 574-935-8618 to make an appointment or leave a message with the receptionist requesting an appointment.